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Last-modified: 2009-05-15 (金) 08:16:04
Top_page / 2009春の合同研究会


場所:国民宿舎 紀伊見荘



”Time resolved THz spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum wells”
田中研M2 谷 峻太郎

”Study of triplet state of CuCl quantum dot in NaCl”
伊藤研M2 山崎 貴信

”Pump-Probe Spectroscopy in Organic Conductor (CHTM-TTP)2TCNQ”
田中研M2 鈴木 達也

”Fabrication of ZnO nanoparticles by laser ablation in superfluid helium”
伊藤研M2 斉藤 泰彦

”Broadband detection of THz radiation by using photo conductive anttena”
伊藤研M2 尾藤 道隆

”Terahertz spectroscopy on organic conductor (EDO-TTF)2SbF6
田中研M2 篠北 啓介

”High spatially resolved cathodoluminescence measurements of GaAs/AlGaAs pyramidal cap structure”
伊藤研M2 土岐 貴弘

”Exciton Fine Structures in Single Carbon Nanotubes Studied by Magneto-PL Spectroscopy”
金光研D2 松永 隆佑

”Spin crossover dynamics in the system controlled by light”
田中研D2 西原 大志

”Ecxciton localization effects on polariton propagation in AlxGa1-xN mixed crystals”
金光研D3 平野 大輔

”Non Linear transmission spectroscopy using high power THz pulse”
田中研D2 Jewariya Mukesh

”Dynamics of Biomembrane and kinetics of vesicles formation studied by X-ray and neutron scattering”
iCeMS研究員 菱田 真史

”Effects of Trap Potential on a Superfluid Fermi Gas Loaded on an Optical Lattice”
小川研D1 玉谷 知裕

”Ultrafast photo-switching dynamics of bistable spin-crossover molecules in the solid state”
iCeMS研究員 Nicolas Moisan

”Cavity QED with monolithic microtoroidal resonators”
特定准教授 青木 隆朗

”Friedel Scattering in a Quantum Wire”
小川研研究員 上出 健仁

”Experimental strategies toward quantum-degenerate excitons”
田中研准教授 中 暢子

”Quantum phase transitions in the Hubbard model on the triangular lattice”
小川研研究員 吉岡 匠哉

”Superfluorescent pulsed emission from biexcitons in an ensemble of semiconductor quantum dots”
伊藤研助教 宮島 顕祐