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Top_page / 2007年度のセミナー


"Fundamentals of Semiconductors" Peter Y.Yu, Manuel Cardona著 Springer です。

●2008/03/05 Q2発表会

  • 鈴木
  • 山本
  • 野間
  • 石川

午前:輪読 渡辺、奥村、西原

午後:雑誌会 江口
"Complexes based on ethylene- and propylene-briged-pentadentate-Fe(3)-units allow interplay between magnetic centers and multistability investigated by Mossbauer spectroscopy"
Hyperfine Interact 168(2006)981-987 F.Renz, P.Kerep, D.Hill, M.Klein

午前:輪読 蓑輪、清水、渡辺

午後:雑誌会 宮原

"Evidence for a structurally-driven insulator-to-metal transition in VO2 : A view from the ultrafast timescale"
Phys. Rev. B 70(2004)161102 A. Cavalleri, Th. Dekorsy, H. H. W. Chong, J. C. Kieffer, and R. W. Schoenlein     

●2008/02/06 午前:輪読 有川、蓑輪

午後:雑誌会 渡辺(人環)(speech in English) "Localized High-Tc Superconductivity on the Surface of Na-Doped WO3"

"Localized High-Tc Superconductivity on the Surface of Na-Doped WO3" Journal of Superconductivity 13(2000)855 S. Reich et al.

●2008/01/23 午前:輪読 矢田、有川

午後:雑誌会 岡田 (speech in English) "Emission of coherent THz radiation from superconductors without magnetic field"

"Emission of coherent THz radiation from superconductors" Science 318(2007)1291 L. Ozyuzer et al.

●2008/01/16 午前:輪読 大井、矢田

午後:雑誌会 白井 (speech in English) "Exponential analysis by reverse Laplace transform with maximum entropy method"

"Exponential analysis in physical phenomena" Rev.Sci.Instrum. 70(1999)1233-1257 A.A.Istratov and O.F.Vyenko

●2007/12/26 午前:輪読 毛利

午後:雑誌会 大掃除のためなし

●2007/12/12 午前:輪読 山田

午後:雑誌会 Krushna (speech in English) "Electric field-induced magnetic switching of nanostructures"

"Giant sharp persistent converse magnetoelectric effects in multiferroic epitaxial heterostructures" Nature Materials 6(2007)348 W. Eerenstein et al.

"Electric field-induced magnetization switching in epitaxial columnar nanostructures" Nano Lett. 5(2005)1793 F. Zavaliche et al.

●2007/12/05 午前:輪読 永井、山田

午後:雑誌会 永井 (speech in English) "THz ESR measurements"

"Spectroscopic studies on ferric porphyrin complexes" Spectrochimic Aacts 31A(1975)1517 H. J. Bakker, S. Hunsche and H. Kurz

"Far infrared magnetic resonance of deoxyhemoglobin and deoxymyoglobin" J.Chem.Phys. 72(1980)1569 P. M. champion, and A.J. Sievers

●2007/11/28 午前:輪読 白井、永井

午後:雑誌会 山田 (speech in English) "Four-wave mixing technique applied in ferroelectric materials"

"Investigation of anharmonic lattice vibration with coherent phonon polaritons" Phys.Rev.B 50(1994)914 H. J. Bakker, S. Hunsche and H. Kurz

"Coherent phonon polariton as probes of anharmonic phonons in ferroelectric LiNbO3" Rev.Mod.Phys. 70(1998)523 H. J. Bakker, S. Hunsche and H. Kurz

"Measurement of the soft polariton in KTN by time-resolved four-wave mixing" Phys.Rev.B 50(1994)16295 P. Grenier, D. Houde, S. Jandl and L.A. Boatner

●2007/11/21 午前:輪読 宮原、白井

午後:雑誌会 欠席者が多いため中止

●2007/11/14 午前:輪読 宮原

午後:雑誌会 毛利 (speech in English) "Photo-induced phase transition in the CMR (Colosal magnetoresistanse) materials"

"Coherent orbital waves in the photo-induced insulator-metal dynamics in a magnetoresistive manganite" Nature Materials 6(9)(2007)643-647 Polli, D. Rini, M. Wall, S Schoenlein, R. W. Tomioka,Y. Tokura, Y. Cerullo, G. Cavalleri, A.

●2007/11/07 午前:輪読 林、宮原

午後:雑誌会 大井 (speech in English) "Electronic(excitonic) Properties of Carbon nanotubes"

"Excitons in Carbon Nanotubes with Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry" Phys.Rev.Lett. 96(2006)016406 S. Zaric et al.

"Magnetic Brightening of Carbon nanotube Photoluminescence through Symmetry Breaking" Nano Lett. 7(2007)1851 Shaver, J et al.

"The Optical Resonances in Carbon Nanotubes Arise from Excitons" Science 308(2005)838 Feng Wang, Gordana Dukovic, Louis E. Brus, and Tony F. Heinz

"Exciton binding energies in carbon nanotubes from two-photon photoluminescens" Phys.Rev.B 72(2005)241402 J. Maultzsch et al.

"Electronic States of Carbon Nanotubes" J.Phys.Society.Japan 62(1993)1255 Hiroshi Ajiki and Tsuneya Ando

"Electron-Electron Interaction Effects on the Optical Excitations of Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes" Phys.Rev.Lett. 93(2004)157402 Hongbo Zhao and Sumit Mazumdar

●2007/10/31 午前:輪読 江口、林

午後:雑誌会 渡辺 (speech in English)
"ferromagnetism and ferroelectricity in RbMnFe(CN6)"

"Coexistence of Ferroelectricity and Ferromagnetism in a Rubidium Manganese Hexacyanoferrate" Andew.Chem.int.Ed. 46(2007)3238-3241 S.Ohkoshi, H.Tokoro, T.Matsuda, H.Takashi, H.Irie, and K.Hashimoto

●2007/10/24 午前:輪読 奥村、江口

午後:雑誌会 矢田 (speech in English) "Mode-locked fiber lasers"

"Nonlinear fiber optics (3rd ed.)" Achademic press(2001) Govind P. Agrawal

"Fiber-lasers for ultrafast optics" Applied Physics B 65(1997)259-275 M. E. Fermann, A. Galvanuskas, G. Sucha, and D. Harter

●2007/10/17 午前:輪読 西原、湯浅

午後:雑誌会 (前半)グローバルCOE特別講演 R.J.Dwayne Miller氏(University of Toronto)(speech in English) Femtosecond Electron Diffraction: "Making the Molecular Movie"

(後半)Mukesh (speech in English) "Efficient generation of Tera hertz pulses by Optical rectification at 1035nm"

"Generation of 10μJ ultrashort terahertz pulses by optical rectification" Appl.Phys.Lett. 90(2007)171121 K.-L. Yeh, M. C. Hoffmann, J. Hebling and K. A. Nelson

"Efficient terahertz generation by optical rectification at 1035 nm" Optics Express 15,18,September(2007)11706-11713 Matthias C. Hoffmann, Ka-Lo Yeh, Janos Hebling, Keith A. Nelson

"Theory of terahertz generation in a slab of electro-optic material using an ultrashort laser pulse focused to a line" Phys.Rev.B 76(2007)085346 M. I. Bakunov, S. B. Bodrov, A. V. Maslov, and M. Hangyo

●2007/10/10 午前:輪読 堂本、西原

午後:雑誌会 有川 (speech in English) "Quantum Cascade Lasers"

"Quantum Cascade Lasers" Physics Today 34 May(2002)34-40 Federico Capasso, Claire Gmachl, Deborah L. Sivco, and Alfred Y. Cho

"Terahertz quantum-cascade lasers" Nature Photonics 1(2007)517-525 Benjamin S. Williams

●2007/09/19 午前:輪読 清水、堂本

午後:雑誌会 なし

●2007/07/25 午前:輪読 清水

午後:雑誌会 檀原 (speech in English) "Exciton luminescence of ZnO fine particle"

"Photoluminescence spectra of ZnO particles embedded in thin alkali halide crystals" J.Lumi. 405(2000)87-89 Y.Harada, H.Kondo, N.Ichimura, S.Hashimoto

"Enhancement of band-edge photoluminescence of bulk ZnO single crystals coated with alkali halide" Phys.Rev.B 68(2003)045421 Y.Harada, S.Hashimoto

"Mechanisms behind green photoluminescence in ZnO phosphor powders" J.Appl.Phys.79(1996)7983 K.Vanheusden, W.L.Warren, C.H.Seager, D.R.Tallant, J.A.Voigt and B.E.Gnade

"Luminescence of excitons in mesoscopic ZnO particles" J.Lumi. 112(2005)196 T.Hirai, Y.Harada, S.Hashimoto, T.Itoh, N.Ohno

"Behind the weak excitonic emission of ZnO quantum dots: ZnO/Zn(OH)2 core-shell structure" Appl.Phys.Lett. 80(2002)210 H.Zhou, H.Alves, D.M.Hofmann, W.Kriegseis, and B.K.Meyer, G.Kaczmarczyk and A.Hoffmann

●2007/07/18 午前:輪読 渡辺、蓑輪

午後:雑誌会 蓑輪 (speech in English) "Generation of radially polarized terahertz pulses via velocity-mismatched optical rectification" Optics letters 32(2007)433 Guoqing Chang et al.

●2007/07/11 午前:輪読 矢田、渡辺

午後:雑誌会 奥村 (speech in English) "Scattering of electromagnetic waves in the terahertz region"

"Using terahertz pulses to study light scattering" Physica B 338(2003)92-96 J.Pearce, D.Mittleman

"Characterizing Individual Scattering Events by Measuring the Amplitude and Phase of the Electric Field Diffusing through a Random Medium" Phys.Rev.Lett. 91(2003)033903 Z.Jian, J.Pearce, and D.Mittleman

"Propagation of terahertz radiation through random structures: An alternative theoretical approach and experimental validation" J.Appl.Phys.101(2007)013102 J.R.Fletcher, G.P.Swift, De Chang Dai,J.A.Levitt, and J.M.Chamberlain

●2007/06/27 午前:輪読 大井、有川

午後:雑誌会 岡田 (speech in English) "Various Topics on Plasma Resonance in Visible and THz frequency Region"

"Silver Nanowires as Surface Plasmon Resonances" Phys.Rev.Lett. 95(2005)257403 Harald Ditlbacher et al.

"Surface plasmon resonance in conducting metal oxides" J.Appl.Phys. 100(2006)054905 Crissy Rhodes et al.

"C-axis Josephson plasma resonance observed in Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 superconducting thin films by use of terahertz time-domain spectroscopy" Opt.Lett.26(2001)1292 V. K. Thorsmlle et al.

●2007/06/13 午前:輪読 山田、大井

午後:雑誌会 小宮山 「分子磁石における量子計算」

"Quantum computing in molecular magnets" Nature 410(2001)789 Michael N. Leuenberger & Daniel Loss

●2007/06/06 午前:輪読 毛利、山田

午後:雑誌会 なし

●2007/05/30 午前:輪読 白井、永井

午後:Dennisさんのセミナー (speech in English) "Vibrational spectroscopy of complex (disordered) systems"

●2007/05/23 午前:輪読 宮原、白井

午後:雑誌会 なし

●2007/05/09 午前:輪読 林、宮原

午後:雑誌会 堂本 "Low-temperature phase transformations in weakly doped quantum paraelectrics: novel features and quantum reentrant dipolar glass state in KTa0.982Nb0.018O3" Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 65(2004)1317-1327 V.A. Trepakov et al.

●2007/05/02 午前:輪読 湯浅、江口

午後:雑誌会 西原 「光誘起の双安定性、不安定性」

"light-indused bistability in spin transition solids leading to thrmal and optical hysteresis" Eur.Phys.J.B 6(1998)183-193 A.Desaix, O.Roubeau, and etc

"Light-induced phase separation in the [Fe(ptz)6](BF4)2 spin-crossover single crystal" EPL 77(2007)30007 F.Varret, K.Bokuheddaden and etc

●2007/04/25 午前:輪読 堂本、西原

午後:雑誌会 湯浅 "Role of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in multiferroic perovskites" Phys.Rev.B 73(2006)094434 I.A.Sergienko and E.Dagotto

●2007/04/18 午前:輪読 小宮山、堂本


●2007/04/11 午前:輪読 奥村

午後:雑誌会 田中 (speech in English) "High power single cycle THz generation using tilted femtosecond light sources"

"Generation of Single-Cycle THz Pulses with μJ Energy by Tilted Pulse Front Excitation" TuD5,OTST,OSA topical meeting 2007,march K.-L.Yeh et al.

"Scaling up the energy of THz pulses created by optical rectification" Optics Express 13(2005)5762 A.G.Stepanov and J.Heebling et al.

"Velocity matching by pulse front tilting for large-area THz-pulse generation" Optics Express 10(2002)1161 J.Hebling and J.Kuhl et al.

"Tunable THz pulse generation by optical rectification of ultrashort laser pulses with tilted pulse fronts" Appl.Phys.B 78(2004)593-599 J.Hebling and J.Kuhl et al.

"Temperature dependence of the absorption and reflection of Mg-doped congruent and stoichiometric LiNbO3 in the THz range" J.Appl.Phys. 97(2005)123505 L.Palfalvi,J.Hebling and J.Kuhl et al.

"Efficient generation of subpicosecond terahertz radiation by phase-matched optical rectification using ultrashort laser pulses with tilted pulse fronts" Appl.Phys.Lett. 83(2003)3000 A.G.Stepanov,J.Hebling and J.Kuhl et al.