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Last-modified: 2022-02-18 (F) 13:56:46
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A. Research Areas


Our research interest is to explore optical properties of various condensed matters with various spectroscopes. By revealing the interaction between light and matters, we give rise to new functional phenomena related to underlying peculiar phases induced by photo-excitation.


The current research topics can be divided into the following:

   * Photo-induced phase transition
   * Ultrasfast spectroscopy
   * New spectroscopy in THz frequency region
   * New laser spectroscopy to reveal phase transition in ferroelectric or ferromagnetic materials
   * Pulse magnetic resonance spectroscopy in functional light-emitting materials

B. Laboratories and equipments


   * Gas laser
   * Solid laser
   * Semiconductor laser
   * Ultrashort pulse laser
     Tsunami (Ti:Sapphire laser)
     10fs laser system

Spectral device

   * Absorption measurement
   * Dielectric measurement
           THz TDS
           Dielectric measuring device
   * Luminescence measurement
           Excitation Spectrum
           Time-correlated single photon counting technique
   * Ultrafast spectroscopy
   * Raman spectroscopy
           Non-resonance infrared
           Resonance visible
   * ESR measurement
           Electron spin resonance 

Cryostat, etc

   * Liquid helium storage type
   * Liquid helium flow type
   * Microscopic spectroscopy type

Crystals or samples

   * Image furnace
   * Box furnace
   * Synthesizer of the spin crossover complexes
   * X-ray diffractometer


   * Room 112
   * Room 119