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Grants and Projects

Last-modified: 2022-02-18 (F) 13:56:46
Top / Grants and Projects

Here is a list of major projects our group is working on.


Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST)

Period: October, 2009 - March, 2015


Title: "Advanced Terahertz Spectroscopy with High-power Terahertz Light Source and its Application to Materials Science"


MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(S) (2017-2022.03) “Development of new generation nonlinear photoelectronic based on Terahertz strong-field physics”


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A) (2014-2018.03) “Dynamic control of semiconductor electron states via ultra-strong Terahertz field”


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A) (2011-2014.03) “Realization of new material state under strong Terahertz electric field”


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (2008-2013) “Dynamics of high density photo-excitation and phase transition in new insulator material”


Accelerated Innovative Research Initiative (ACCEL) (2017-2022.03) “Terahertz optical science and technology in semiconductors”