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授業・セミナー/雑誌会 2011年度 の変更点

Top_page / 授業・セミナー/雑誌会 2011年度

-2012/3/14 ~
--Presenter :''Hideki Hirori''~
--Paper :"Resolving the electromagnetic mechanism of surface-enhanced light scattering at single hot spots"~
P. Alonso-González et al., Nature Communications 3,Article number:684~

-2012/3/7 ~
--Presenter :''Masayuki Watanabe''~
--Title :"Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of insulator-metal transition"~
--Paper :PhysRevB.83.081104, PhysRevLett.97.067402, PhysRevLett.105.187401~

-2012/2/29 ~
--Presenter :''Tomoko Tanaka''~
--Paper :"Sierpinski fractal plasmonic nanoantennas"~
Phys.Status Solidi RRL 5, pp.175-177(2011)~

-2012/2/22 ~
--Presenter :''Francois Blanchard''~
--Paper :~
---"Taming the Blackbody with Infrared Metamaterials as Selective Thermal Emitters" PRL 107, 045901 (2011)~
---"Infrared Spatial and Frequency Selective Metamaterial with Near-Unity Absorbance" PRL 104, 207403 (2010)~

-2012/2/7 ~
--Presenter :''Hiroshi Watanabe''~
--Paper :"Beyond quantum jumps:blinking nano scale light emitters"~
F.D.Stefani et. al. physics today, 62, 34 (2009)~

-2012/1/25 ~
--Presenter :''Shuntaro Tani''~
--Title :"Ballistic electric and spin current excitation using two-color quantum interference"~
--Paper :~
---Stevens et al. "Quantum Interference Control of Ballistic Pure Spin Currents in Semiconductors.",  PRL 90, pp. 136603 (2003)~
---Sames et al. "All-optical coherently controlled terahertz ac charge currents from excitons in semiconductors.", PRB 79, pp. 045208 (2009)~
---Sun et al. "Coherent Control of Ballistic Photocurrents in Multilayer Epitaxial Graphene Using Quantum Interference. ", Nano Lett. 10, 1293 (2010)~
---Wahlstrand et al. "Optical Coherent Control Induced by an Electric Field in a Semiconductor: A New Manifestation of the Franz-Keldysh Effect.", PRL 106, pp. 247404 (2011)
---Rao and Sipe. "Coherent photocurrent control in a magnetic field through quantum interference.", PRB 84, pp. 205313 (2011)~

-2012/1/11 ~
--Presenter :''Sandhya Koirala''~
--Paper :"Dipole-allowed generation of the yellow-series excitons in cuprous oxide (Cu2O)"~
A.R.H.F Ettema and J.Versluis~

-2011/12/21 ~
--Presenter :''Takahiro Ishihara''~
--Paper :"Protein dynamical transition in terahertz dielectric response"~
A.G.Markelz et al., Chem. Phys. Lett. 442, 413 (2007).~

-2011/12/14 ~
--Presenter :''Yoshito Onishi''~
--Paper :"Nonlinear Optical Probe of Tunable Surface Electrons on a Topological Insulator"~
D. Hsieh et al., PRL, 106, 057401 (2011)~

-2011/11/16 ~
--Presenter :''Yu Mukai''~
--Paper :"Reconfigurable light-driven opto-acoustic isolators in photonic crystal fibre"~
M. S. Kang, A. Butsch & P. St. J. Russell, Nature Photonics 5, 549 (2011).~

-2011/11/9 ~
--Presenter :''Yuji Hazama''~
--Title :"A new method to study the interaction between quantum mechanical light and condensed-matter systems"~
--Paper :M. Kira et al., Nature Physics 7, 799 (2011)~

-2011/10/26 ~
--Presenter :''Mutsuhito Sudo''~
--Paper :"Dielectric Properties of Water in Butter and Water-AOT-Heptane Systems Measured using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy"~
UFFE MOLLER et al., APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY, Volume 64, Number 9 (2010)~

-2011/10/19 ~
--Presenter :''Gaku Asai''~
--Paper :"Direct observation of a widely tunable bandgap in bilayer graphene"~
Yuanbo Zhang et al., nature, 459, 820 (2009)~

-2011/10/12 ~
--Presenter :''Tatsuya Kitamura''~
--Paper :"Exciton Mott transition in Si studied by terahertz spectroscopy"~
Ryo Shimano and Takeshi Suzuki, Phys. Status Solidi C 8, No. 4, 1153-1156(2011)~

-2011/10/5 ~
--Presenter :''Nobuko Naka''~
--Title :"A theoretical paper on excitonic energy levels"
--Paper :PRB84 035126 (2011)~

-2011/9/28 ~
--Presenter :''Koichiro Tanaka''~
--Title :"Recent results on 'Adiabatic Rapid Passage' method to manipulate the population in two-level systems"
--Paper :~
---Y. Wu et al., PRL 106, 067401 (2011).
---C.-M. Simons et al., PRL 106, 166801 (2011).

-2011/7/27 ~
--Presenter :''Hideki Hirori''~
--Paper :"Tailoring hot-exciton emission and lifetimes in semiconducting nanowires via whispering-gallery nanocavity plasmons"~
Chang-Hee Cho, Carlos O. Aspetti, Michael E. Turk, James M. Kikkawa, Sung-Wook Nam & Ritesh Agarwal, Nature Materials (2011)~

-2011/7/20 ~
--Presenter :''Masayuki Watanabe''~
--Paper :"Light-Induced Superconductivity in a Stripe-Ordered Cuprate"~
D. Fausti et al. ; Science 331, 189 (2011)~

-2011/7/13 ~
--Presenter :''Tomoko Tanaka''~
--Paper :"Free-Space Excitation of Propagating Surface Plasmon Polaritons by Nonlinear Four-Wave Mixing"~
Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 266802 (2009)~

-2011/7/6 ~
--Presenter :''Francois Blanchard''~
--Paper :"Single-cell biological lasers"~
doi: 10.1038/NPHOTON.2011.99~

-2011/6/29 ~
--Presenter :''Mafumi Hishida''~
--Title :"Water-protein dynamical correlation observed by THz and IR spectroscopy"~
--Paper :~
---"Real-time detection of protein-water dynamics upon protein folding by Terahertz absorption" Angw. Chem. Int. Ed. 47 6486 (2008)~
---"Antifreeze Glycoprotein Activity Correlates with Long-Range Protein-Water Dynamics" JACS 132 12210 (2010)~
---"Water molecule reorganization in cytochrome c oxidase revealed by FTIR spectroscopy" Proc. Nat. Acad. Soc. 108  8634 (2011)~

-2011/6/23 ~
--Presenter :''Takashi Arikawa''~
--Paper :"Terahertz Time-Domain Magneto-Spectroscopy of Semiconductors"~

-2011/6/16 ~
--Presenter :''Sandhya Koirala''~
--Paper :"Transition to a Bose-Einstein condensate  and relaxation explosion of excitons  at sub-Kelvin temperatures" by Gonokami Group~

-2011/6/2 ~
--Presenter :''Shuntaro Tani''~
--Title :"Two-dimensiontal terahertz spectroscopy on semiconductor quantum wells with a collinear interaction geometry"
--Paper :"Two-Dimensional Terahertz Correlation Spectra of Electronic Excitations in Semiconductor Quantum Wells"~
W.Kuehn, et.al., J.Phys.Chem.B 115, 5448 (2011)~

-2011/5/25 ~
--Presenter :''Takahiro Ishihara''~
--Paper :"Evidence of Protein Collective Motions on the Picosecond Timescale"~
Yunfen He et al., Biophysical Journal, 100, 1058 (2011)~

-2011/5/18 ~
--Presenter :''Yoshito Onishi''~
--Paper :"Landau quantization of topological surface states in Bi2Se3"~
P. Cheng et al., PRL, 105, 076801 (2010)~

-2011/4/20 ~
--Presenter :''Ryosuke Kusuda''~
--Paper :"Hybrid semiconductor-atomic interface: slowing down single photons from a quantum dot"~
N. Akopian et, al. nature photonics 5 APRIL 2011 230page~